Why to choose Albanian Dental Travel?

Because we are focused on you, on your health and we work with the best professionals for every type of treatment you need.
We are delicate in the way we treat you but at the same time we are determined to find THE SOLUTION for your health. The quality of our products is infallible and we are non afraid to admit that we give life-time warranty for them. We are THE TEAM and together we can be a Family and only this way we can be stronger.

All the treatments at one place!

Because the comfort and the safety of our patient is where we put all our attention

We protect your health and we help you save money

just start this journey as a short holiday

and leave the rest to us!

  1. As soon as you arrive at the Tirana International Airport, our guide will accompany you at the accommodation that we offer, which is only 5 minutes away from our clinic
  2. Welcome to Albanian Dental Travel
  3. 3D dental panoramic tomography at our clinic
  4. Check up visit by our medical staff that will inform you about the treatment plan suitable for your case
  5. Within one hour, you will get an estimated price based on the treatment plan that our doctors have prepared for you.
  6. Let’s start working on your health.

Ask us today for an estimate